I ordered a black HEAT SURGE Roll n Glow EV-2 from www.heatsurgediscount.com. The total price advertised was $358.20 in a BIG HIGHLIGTED CIRCLE. Also in this web site , below this price, it also said:

1.Order Now and get Free remote.

2. Free choice of Finish. (They showed 4 finishes to choose from: black, Light Oak, Dark Oak and Cherry). I chose black.

3. Free AYR Filter.

4. Free shipping.

I had choice of installment payment options or one convenient payment. I chose one payment of total amount shown to me ($358.20) in the ad. I filled out all the billing and shipping info. It does not show what the total amount is being charged before they ask you to hit process order button. Holy cow, once I hit the process order button, , they charged me $376.20. I called them many times (6 times), each time it is a different employee who says he or she will look into it. None of these paid employees of Heat Surge helped to refund this deceptive overcharge. I sent them a fax, but got no reply and no refund of this deceptively overcharged amount ($18.00).

I CONSIDER THIS VERY DECEPTIVE BUSINESS PRACTICE! I cannot recommend their business to any consumer.

Monetary Loss: $18.

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